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 Lots of people are Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Dslr Cameras Are They Good.

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Lots of people are Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Dslr Cameras Are They Good. Empty
PostSubject: Lots of people are Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Dslr Cameras Are They Good.   Lots of people are Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Dslr Cameras Are They Good. EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 8:07 pm

What is SLR?

DIGITAL SLR Means Single Lens Reflex. That may be a single lens is used viewing and as well as taking pictures. A mirror is fixed designed to direct the light from the lens to the prism meant for viewing. There is an elctronic sensor behind the shutter within the SLR system.

This SLR digital cameras are created from the base design of Konica/Minolta SLR system. One of these Sony cameras are best suited for photographers with autofocus contacts. They are also the right ones for hobbyist and

Different types of SLR CAMERA cameras
1. Big lenses with big sensor 2. Big lenses with small to medium sized sensor 3. Small lenses with small sensor

Varieties Sony SLR Cameras

The most important DSLR in Sony Alpha dog Series is SOny Leader A100. This is slightly heavier which have a CCS Sensor, Autofocus, LCD screen and better. The other types are actually Sony Alpha A200, Sony Alpha dog A250, A350 and such like.

Other Features in Sony DIGITAL SLR Cameras

Other special features in that Sony SLR cameras are it are useful to focus an individual among a group of people. This is done accompanied by a special object a speical pen using which it are useful to focus and take the picture of a particular person.

For example if in a party you prefer to take pictures of your mom and dad among a group of individuals then this is likely with Sony SLR cameras by using this focussing technique. It normally takes only the desginated man or woman. Even you can set the camera to take the picture of individual when he smiles.

All the smiling range also varies from slight to high. This feature is named as Smile Shutter. The advantages of this feature there is very little wastage of shots and hence you can save your precious time.

Sony Cyber-shot Cameras

The new sony cyber-shot cameras shows a high quality 24mm-120mm contact. The lenses are designed in this manner that it reduces chromatic aberration.

In addition it protects lens from dust, scratching or damaging the sensor attributable to lens changes. There is whilst in change the lens intended for different shots. It also allows to take photos horizontal, vertical, high or low angles or upto waist height and similar matters.

Sensor bodies of sony eos cameras

Usually the sensor physiques of sony cameras are small and hence compatible photos can be used with the compatible lenses maintained your body reduces camera shake.

Selecting Canon SLR Cameras

Canon certainly is the strongest competitor in the dslr market. This is because of the big lenses and modest sensor options. Some for the recommended digital SLR cameras are

1. Canon Digital Rebel XTi
2. Rule EOS 30D

Check the values before you buy

Read the prices of your SLR cameras. The prices for digital slr cameras start from start from 800$ to 5000$ which are quite higher. Canon and Nikon are popping out for cheaper prices that are affordable. It may range from 1000$ but without more lenses. Always check on the internet for latest prices prior to when you buy. You will surely find good bargains during the course of websites.
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Lots of people are Planning To Buy Sony Or Canon Dslr Cameras Are They Good.
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