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 Crossfire The actual Dual GPU System Individuals Want.

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Crossfire The actual Dual GPU System Individuals Want. Empty
PostSubject: Crossfire The actual Dual GPU System Individuals Want.   Crossfire The actual Dual GPU System Individuals Want. EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 2:45 pm

CrossFire may be the new dual graphics cards system from ATI. It offers remarkable image quality improvements for hands per hour and 3-D work.
Individuals who demand the absolute highest degrees of performance have tried every possible mix off CPU, motherboard, and graphics card within their gaming rigs. While good results have often been remarkable, there are those in which are still unsatisfied.
In an endeavor to push beyond previous limitations for the PC, ATI has considered the technology it applies in commercial flight simulators, developing a double card system. The new system can deliver up to a 100 percent increase for frame rates, and an 80 percent improvement in efficiency at high resolution functions.
For the gamer, this means dazzling image quality, while never again searching for lower screen resolution to be able to play a game.
You might be asking “ What do I need to set up my unique CrossFire rig? ” The only real necessities are a CrossFire in a position motherboard, and a two of ATI Radeon graphics homemade cards, or other compatible GPU’ utes.
In the best at all possible worlds, you’ d build the body from the ground in place, starting with the easiest CPU you could get hold of. Mount it on a secret motherboard, such as all the Intel 975X Express, the actual Asus P5B, or typically the Gigabyte 965P-DQ6, all which are CrossFire ready. Get top quality ATI Radeon cards, as well as you’ ll be in corporate.
An additional thought: obtain a big power supply, 500 watts or greater. The two cards and additionally CPU could easily use 300 watts them selves.
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Crossfire The actual Dual GPU System Individuals Want.
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